Nifty Bulls gets R-booster, FII FnO Data Analysis

By | January 15, 2015 9:07 pm


  • FII’s bought 169 K contract of Index Future worth 3897 cores, 156  K Long contract were added  by FII’s and 12.7 K  short contracts  were squared  off by FII’s. Net Open Interest increased  by 144 K contract ,so FII’s added  long and squared off   shorts in Index futures.As per FII OI sheet  117k long index contracts reduced on 6th Jan 156 K long contracts got added today so tit for tat for bears.
  • This is what we discussed last analysis Nifty  saw an intraday correction which got bought into as it found support at its 21/34 HEMA suggesting underlying trend is bullish. Market generally trades volatile in triangle formation before a breakout/breakdown.Best is to trade less or hold on to existing positions. Trending moves should be seen in next 2 days. As per Hourly chart breakout has happened and new high is round the corner, Also as per gann box analysis once yellow line is crossed in gann box new high should come quickly.Last 15 mins nifty sold off due to Forex currency turmoil  Forex Market shocked by  Swiss National Bank decision but it was bought by FII’s so expect another gap up opening tomorrow.

NIFTY - Gann Circle

nifty daily


  • Nifty Future Jan Open Interest Volume is at 2.06  core with addition of 30.6 lakh in OI, huge long  addition was seen today.
  • Total Future & Option trading volume was   at 3.72 lakh core with total contract traded at 8.3 lakh. PCR @1.01
  • 8700  CE  OI at 48.9 lakh so wall of resistance @ 8700  .8200/8500 CE saw huge liquidation of 44.4 lakhs so bears were caught off guard and ran for cover. FII bought 116 K CE and 17.6 K shorted  CE  were covered by them.
  • 8300 PE OI@ 46.9 lakhs so strong base @ 8300. 8400 PE  added 29.4  lakh in OI so base formation is happening at 8400. FII bought  21.1 K PE and 4 K shorted  PE were covered by them.
  • FII’s bought 1738 cores in Equity and DII sold 527 cores in cash segment.INR closed at 62.06.


Buy above 8527 Tgt 8553,8580 and 8613 (Nifty Spot Levels)

Sell below 8465 Tgt 8440,8410 and 8380 (Nifty Spot Levels)

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15 thoughts on “Nifty Bulls gets R-booster, FII FnO Data Analysis

  1. aajdaz

    can you post gann basics in your blog? i mean calculating basic principles and charting. of course at a weekend or free time as per your convenience.

  2. deepak

    You predicted 16Jan as important date as per Gann and it proved right yesterday . Thanks for your analysis it helps us…

  3. mansukh

    you given 7 day ago nifty in long poistion but i did n’t belive but happed this. you are anlysis is very powerful ( i know some gann theory 90*90=8100 level nifty have a major support and next target are 100*100=10000

  4. Alva.S

    Please go through the first line it says 1.69 k I think it should be 169k. I have seen such errors in the past also. Pl check once before posting. You know there are lot of people who is following your suggestions.

  5. Parimal Devnath

    Thanks Sir for your nice analysis. please dont mind, the charts are not clear because they are not expandable. rgds

  6. Dhananjay

    While reading your anaysis I always feel like fii and dii are two individuals and they call and give you such in depth information about their actions.:-) . thanks a lot for all the information you collet and interpret for us.


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