Bank Nifty Weekly Technical Analysis

By | January 4, 2015 7:39 pm

Bank Nifty Hourly

Bank Nifty Hourly

Bank Nifty hourly chart will breakout above 19100 for target of 19800/20000.

Bank Nifty Hourly  EW Daily

Bank Nifty Hourly EW

Hourly Elliot wave analysis is shown,19166 will play crucial role next week.

Bank Nifty EW Daily

BN Daily EW

This is what we discussed last week Long term Elliot wave is drawn on Bank Nifty which gives target of 19819, so dips till 18000/17800 should be bought into.

Bank Nifty made low of 17504 and zoomed up 1500 points.


 Bank Nifty Daily Bias

Bank Nifty Daily

Bank Nifty daily bias has shown an ascending triangle breakout signifying a bullish breakout. Target of the breakout comes around 20K


Bank Nifty Gann Dates

As per time analysis 09 Jan  is Gann Turn date , except a impulsive around this date.

Fibonacci technique


Fibonacci Fans

Bank NIfty FF

Bank nifty took support@ Fibo fan line suggesting still in buy on dips mode. Now break of 19200 will suggests more  new highs are coming.


Bank Nifty Weekly

Bank Nifty Weekly Bias

Bank Nifty Weekly chart took support at middle of  AF line and harmonic pattern suggests still its in buy on dips mode.Break of 19200 will suggest bank nifty can move up and form new life high.Bank Nifty has moved in positive quadrant.

BN Weekly Time Analysis


Bank Nifty Monthly

Bank Nifty Monthly

This is what we discussed in last analysis Bank Nifty in current correction took support@ 200% channel which is extremely bullish in short term. Holding the same Bank nifty can approach to make a new life highs.


 Bank Nifty Weekly Chopad Levels

Bank Nifty Trend Deciding Level:19076

Bank Nifty Resistance:19206,19446,19596

Bank Nifty Support:18946,18816,18686

Levels mentioned are Bank Nifty Spot

Let me go by Disclaimer these are my personal views and trade taken on these observation should be traded with strict Sl.Please also read the detailed Disclaimer mentioned in the Right side of Blog.

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Bramesh Bhandari has been actively trading the Indian Stock Markets since over 15+ Years. His primary strategies are his interpretations and applications of Gann And Astro Methodologies developed over the past decade.

8 thoughts on “Bank Nifty Weekly Technical Analysis

  1. nagarajan1660

    Sir You always say ” on the gann date , except an impulsive move “.

    Do you mean that we should ” expect ” an impulsive move, so that we can go long before this date expecting a big move upside ON THE gann DATE.

    I am confused with the word ” except “.

    Kindly clarify WHEN TIME PERMITS . Thanks


    1. Bramesh Post author

      Trading is all about probability, move can come it cannot. Its not a fool proof system.

      Use this observation as an input to your system do not blindly trade on this.


      1. nagarajan1660

        Sir – Thanks for your views . I agree trading is a PROBABILITY.

        I need a clarification on YOUR WORD ” EXCEPT ” Whether we can “expect” an impulse.

        What do you mean by your term ” except “.. Thanks


  2. pravin salampuria

    dear mr.Bramesh,

    Greetings for the new year.

    I would like your clarification on 1 point that i have been observing in your articles over the past few weeks.

    Does an “impulsive” always been a fall ?

    Please do take the time to reply.

    Thank you.

    1. Bramesh Post author

      Dear Pravin,

      It means move can come on any side but range should be wide.


      1. pravin salampuria

        That is what i thought.
        but everytime you mentioned impulsive,
        the market fell.

        Appreciate your prompt response.

        Thank you.


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