10 Friends & 10 Enemies of Traders

By | December 29, 2014 10:18 am

A Trader’s 10 Best Friends

  1. Studying the markets to understand what works. #Study
  2. You are comfortable with uncertainty.
  3. Being optimistic about winning in the long term. #Winning
  4. You manage risk very carefully on each trade. #RiskofRuin
  5. Thinking in probabilities and asymmetrical trades. #RiskReward
  6. Following your trading plan. #Discipline
  7. Accepting losses. #StopLoss
  8. Letting winners run. #TrendFollowing
  9. A plan on exactly how you will trade. #TradingPlan
  10. A robust trading system. #EDGE

A Trader’s 10 Worst Enemies

  1. Scared to enter a trade.#Fear
  2. Feeling the need to be right on every trade. #Pride
  3. Entering a trade too late or taking profits too soon. #Impatience
  4. Trading too big a position size. Not taking profits after a reversal.#Greed
  5. Revenge trading. #Anger
  6. Randomly entering and exiting trades with no plan or method.#Recklessness
  7. Wanting to enter and exit perfectly on every trade. #Perfectionism
  8. The market starts swinging wildly but you don’t change your position sizing or strategy. #Volatility
  9. The trader’s method is to fight the price action. #Contrarian
  10. The trader just will never admit when he is wrong. #Ego
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