Steps Every Trader Should Take to be profitable

By | December 28, 2014 9:07 am

1.  We admit that we were powerless over our emotions-that our trading had become unmanageable.

2.  We came to believe that principles greater than ourselves could restore our sanity and profitability.

3.  Made a decision to turn our will and our lives inside the charts over to certain principles as we understood them.

4.  Made a searching and fearless trading inventory of ourselves and  our trading account.

5.  Admitted to our brokerage, to ourselves, and another the exact nature of our wrongs.

6.  Were entirely ready to have these principles remove all defects of character.

7.  Humbly ask that these principles remove our shortcomings.

8.  Made a list of all our poorly executed trades, and became willing to learn from them all.

9.  Made direct amends to such trades whenever possible, except when to do so would be of no benefit to our trading account.

10.  Continued to keep a personal trade inventory, promptly admitting when a mistake had been made.

11.  Sought through constant awareness and forethought to improve our relationship with the Market, as we understood it, asking only for the knowledge and the power for a patiently focused and disciplined trading plan.

12.  Having been awakened to the error of our ways, we seek to carry the message to other stockaholics as we continue to practice these principles in our own trading affairs.

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Bramesh Bhandari has been actively trading the Indian Stock Markets since over 15+ Years. His primary strategies are his interpretations and applications of Gann And Astro Methodologies developed over the past decade.

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