Rupee at all time low, How it affect a common man

By | June 10, 2013 11:23 am

As discussed  INR hit all time low against USD so lets analyze how will falling rupee affect the budget and personal finances  of common man.

Here’s how a weak rupee will affect “Aam Adami”

1. Increase in Petrol and Diesel Price:

Indian is largest importer of crude oil. With Rupee trading at all time low due to bad economy (Read: Reason for Rupee Depreciation against dollar) Oil companies have to pay more fr getting crude oil and as Petrol and Diesel are de-regulated by India government, Oil Companies will pass on the increase in prices to common man. So get ready for Hike in your Petrol/Diesel monthly bill.

2. Increase in Gold prices:

Again We all Indians love Gold, off late due to fall in gold prices has seen a buying frezy in Gold. As gold and Silver are priced in USD so again Gold will become costly for us. (Read:RBI ask Banks not to Sell Gold Coins)

3.  Increase Cost for abroad travels and Education   

The rupee weakness is a bad news for students going to study abroad as they will have to shell out more towards their fee and living expenses. Similarly, Indian tourists going abroad will have fewer dollars to spend because of the rupee weakness.

4.  More Profits to IT companies

Exporters such as IT firms, which earn a majority of revenues in dollars, will gain from the rupee weakness. Companies like Infosys get over 75 per cent of their business from North America and Europe so a weak currency is beneficial for them. SO if you are stock marker trader/investor keep IT companies on your radar.


5. Loss for FII’s

Indian Stock markets are very much dependent on FII’s inflows. FII’s holding in many blue chip stock is at all time high and they have poured in more than $30Billoin  in past  1 year. Now if they want to liquidate position and convert back the money in $ they will get less dollars and will effect their bottomline. So rise in Stock price is compensated with fall in rupee and hence they have not gained much from Indian markets. A weak rupee also dents corporate profits (especially for companies that import raw materials) and makes it expensive to borrow from abroad.

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