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  1. gauresh

    Venkatswara rao,

    If you really want to make money in the stock market, please follow Three Monkey disciplinary rules of Mahatma Gandhiji.
    Never Hear evils,
    Never speak evils,and
    and Never watch evils.
    When you are taking trade with your own achieved knowledge with self confidence, then why to hear any one else or why to share it with any one else? Be bold enough to accept the market whatever may be the result and avoid to view all such blue channels and media, even sometimes friends also. Then and then you will create and develop determination power of your own. Never be a dependent to any one. Yes, you watch TV, read newspapers etc but only for news only and not for your trades. Ignore the levels that are discussed in public. Then only you can control your emotions. Of course this requires some time. But it is possible in due course of time. The only thing is to have patience for that and in the long run you will be definitely benefited with this practice and market will reward you surely.

  2. venkateswara rao

    Gauresh sir, U r 100% correct. As our Mentor Bramesh said I agree openly I am also one amongst aove mentioned loosers. Only because of not having technical knowledge some loose 50% OF CAPITAL. And because of stress , I commits some mistakes. Eg:, entering in wrong time and waiting long time during loosing time , exiting just before reversal. No sooner this ilfated middle capital people exits the trend reverses, making fingeres crossed for coming out of that position. This will be repeated again and again since we forget what we experienced days back . The blue channels also do not discuss why market is behaving abnormals on a particular days.
    Thank u Bramesh for giving caring about low profile, middle capitalled traders. Please save with some more lessons.

  3. gauresh

    @ Al,

    Please read 280000 instead of 2800000
    and 1120000 instead of 11200000…….it is typing mistake

    sorry for that.

  4. gauresh

    yes, Bramesh you are absolutely right.

    In fact a trader having very small capital expects too much return from the market. Nowadays mostly trades wants to earn more than 10k per month by employing only 50k-60k, and because of this high expectation they are tempted to use more and more exposure given by the broker. Ultimately they lose their entire capital fund within a blink of eyes. At last the whole process is converted into gambling. In fact, a trade taken in future segment itself is leveraging and by using exposure given by broker raises the proportion of leveraging. In case of Nifty, margin money is around 30k-35k and by employing this much margin a trader can hold position of Nifty worth more than 2800000. Now if the same trader is allowed to use four times exposure, he will hold position of nifty worth more than 11200000/- and this creates too much risk which a small trader does not understand. Why he is doing so…? Simply because he wants to earn not only more money, but want to earn money very fast and speedily. And this psychological factor proves to be harmful to him.

    In fact a trader must have sufficient capital funds which can achieve his expectations sooner or later….or else must keep his expectations at such a level that can be achieved sooner or later by employing his limited funds.

    If a trader draws a demarketing line between trading and gambling, then and then he can make money surely and easily.

    1. Bramesh Post author

      Thanks a lot Gauresh Sir for this elaborate and wonderful explanation.



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