Stock Trading Success:Overcome these Obstacles

By | February 14, 2013 11:31 am

To be a successful trader, a person needs to face up to the below mentioned  psychological obstacles and master his own mind. Without resolving these issues success in trading is inevitable.



1        Greed, the urge to make as much money as possible, and fear that he will lose it all.

2        Low confidence in himself or his strategy, which makes him enter or exit trades at the wrong time. Low self esteem is also a problem; lots of people are natural   victims and believe that they will probably fail, and of course this is what they do.

3        Middle class guilt that makes the trader believe that he should not make super profits because it is morally wrong.

4        Overconfidence. Feeling that after so many winning trades he is invincible.

5        Disbelief. He believes that high rewards cannot possibly be true, and “If trading is that easy, then everyone would be doing it.” He then looks for complicated strategies in the belief that it cannot be easy.

6        Paranoia, believing that the market is conspiring against him.

7        Reward for effort, where he feels that people should be rewarded fairly for the effort that they put in. FX trading does not operate with these rules and that is confusing. The reward can be disproportionately high or can result in punishing losses, and is not dependent on just the work put in.

8        Insecurity, resulting in changing a strategy that is actually winning. All strategies must be tested and then consistently applied in order to engender confidence.

9        The urge to trade simply because he is a trader. This impatience results in entering trades when no real opportunity exists.

10   Low expectation; people with a low expectation of life tend to be less successful. Even though they may be highly intelligent, they aim for less and settle for less.

When people have these types of symptom they use willpower to try to control themselves. This is unsuccessful because these issues are located deep in the unconscious mind and are too strong for willpower alone. For example, giving up smoking is easy by comparison.


It is clear that lots of people are successful traders and that there is no single winning strategy that the trader needs to discover. The main difference between the professional and the enthusiastic amateur however, is that the professional has learned to be in control of himself and his emotions


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One thought on “Stock Trading Success:Overcome these Obstacles

  1. rahul

    I personally believe that In trading you should always working on yourself and on your trading system.
    And Trading is most challenging anD most satisfying job of the world.

    If you want to become good human being do trading.


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