Intraday Swing Calls:IDFC,LT and Adani

By | October 23, 2012 8:34 am

Trading should be effortless.
A true piece of wisdom. In my experience when I trade well it is like shooting fish in a barrel. Almost everything works. I don’t need to be overly patient with positions. The money comes in very fast. That’s exactly how trading should be. The exact opposite was the case during the first 2 months of this year. So I did what I had to do. I recognized the situation for what it was and admitted my efforts were not leading my portfolio anywhere. It was like folding when you are dealt a bad hand in poker. So I folded. Now I am waiting for the next hand. If it is a bad one I fold again. If a series of trades start to really go my way I push it hard and increase exposure and trade aggressively.

Larsen and Tubro

LT came with a good set of Numbers and achieved all the targets which we gave yesterday. Stock is looking for a fresh breakout today above 1675

Buy above 1675 Tgt 1692,1714 and 1727



IDFC is forming higher lows closed above important resistance of 152.6

Buy above 153 Tgt 153.7,155.1 and 156.3


Adani Enterprises

Adani has broken out from a descending triangle with triangle height of 30 points which gives target of 247.

Buy above 224.3 Tgt 227.6,231 and 235

Sell below 220 Tgt 215.5,212 and 210

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