Technical Calls:NMDC,PFC and Adani

By | August 29, 2012 8:32 am

“In many ways, large profits are even more insidious than large losses in terms of emotional destabilization. I think it’s important not to be emotionally attached to large profits. I’ve certainly made some of my worst trades after long periods of winning. When you’re on a big winning streak, there’s a temptation to think that you’re doing something special, which will allow you to continue to propel yourself upward. You start to think that you can afford to make shoddy decisions. You can imagine what happens next. As a general rule, losses make you strong and profits make you weak.” – William Eckhardt

Adani Enterprises

Adani has been on downward ride falling 10% in 2 days. Stock is near its downward trendline support at 151.5

Buy above 157 Tgt 159,164 and 168

Sell below 155.5 Tgt 151.5,147.7 and 144



Stock is near its support level of 157-155.Had a waterfall decline and pull back should come from support levels

Buy above 162.3 Tgt 164.7,166.8 and 169.10



Breakout pattern in NMDC

Buy above 195.3 Tgt 196.9,199.1 and 202

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