Techncial Calls:M&M,MTNL and IDFC

By | August 24, 2012 8:37 am

Taking too much risk. With all the warnings about risk contained in the forms with which you open your account, and with all the required warnings in books, magazines, and many other forms of literature you receive as a trader, why is it so hard to believe that trading carries with it a tremendous amount of risk? It’s as though you know on an intellectual basis that trading futures is risky, but you don’t really take it to heart and live it until you find yourself caught up in the sheer terror of a major losing trade. Greed drives traders to accept too much risk. They get into too many trades. They put their stop too far away. They trade with too little capital. We’re not advising you to avoid trading futures. What we’re saying is that you should embark on a sound, disciplined trading plan based on knowledge of the futures markets in which you trade, coupled with good common sense.

Mahindra and Mahindra

M&M has been on dream run from the low of 680 it rallied till 791. Yesterday it showed a pullback and till it do not break 768  on closing basis rally can continue further

Buy above 777 Tgt 784,789 and 797

Sell below 768 Tgt 763,755 and 748



Respecting the trendline, with formation of higher low.

Buy above 143.6 Tgt 145.1,146.1 and 147.8

Sell below 141.4 Tgt 140.7,139.1 and 138.1



MTNL is on both highest gainer and volume gainer. Stock has been a sleeping beauty flaring up at  a time when Bharti and Rcom are making up life time lows.

Buy above 39.75 Tgt 41.1,42.3 and 43.1

Sell below 37.7 Tgt 37.1,36.1 and 35.6


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