Techncial Calls: Ranbaxy,Adani Enterprises and Titan

By | August 23, 2012 9:11 am

Ignoring the downside of a trade. Most traders, when entering a trade, look only at the money they think they will make by taking the trade. They rarely consider that the trade may go against them and that they could lose. The reality is that whenever someone buys a futures contract, someone else is selling that same futures contract. The buyer is convinced that the market will go up. The seller is convinced that the market has finished going up. If you look at your trades that way, you will become a more conservative and realistic trader.



Trading within channel with channel resistance in range of 539-54.Stock has risen continuouslyfrom 474-537 without any correction so expect a pullback from 542-44 range

Sell in range of 540-42 Tgt 537, 532 and 527 SL 544


Adani Enterprises

Adani Enterprises took support at rising trendline at 180.55 and gave a bounce back. Technical structure of stock looks weak.

Buy above 183.2 Tgt 185.3,186.5 and 189


Symmetrical Triangle breakout on cards

Buy above 223.4 Tgt 224.7,225.5 and 227.3

Sell below 221.3 Tgt 219.4,217.4 and 214

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