Technical Calls:Adani Enterprises,IDFC and Bharat Forge

By | August 22, 2012 9:12 am

Traders with strong perfectionist tendencies often equate taking a loss with failure. For these traders, a losing trade often marks the beginning of a new cycle of negative internal dialogue that often leads to trades based on frustration instead of what the market is doing. A trader who is less focused on perfectionism and has more flexible expectations realizes the inherent uncertainty underlying any market is the reason why losses are part of the business. This realization helps one to develop the ability to tolerate emotions that are associated with pre-defined losses.


Took support at lower trendline and is boucing back, Closed above 185 which is strong resistance

Buy above 186 Tgt 186.9,188.7,189.2  and 191.5 Sl 184



Buy above 144.8  Tgt 145.7,147,2 and 149.7

Sell below 143.2 Tgt 141.8,140.7 and 139.2


Bharat Forge


Closed below 200 DMA

Sell below 291.2 Tgt 290.5,288.6 and 285

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