Technical Calls:Bharti Airtel,DCB and IDBI bank

By | April 16, 2012 12:15 am

Trading will stress your feelings. To survive and succeed, you will need to develop a sound trading psychology. Trading will challenge your mind. To gain an edge in the markets,you will need to master good analytic methods. Trading will demand good mathematical skills. A math illiterate who can’t manage risks is guaranteed to bust out.

A new trader is like a little lamb walking into a dark forest. He is likely to be killed, and his skin—his trading capital—divided three ways, between brokers, professional traders, and service providers. Each will try to grab a piece of that poor lamb’s skin. Don’t be that lamb—think of transaction costs. There are three kinds of them: commissions, slippage, and expenses.

Bharti Airtel

Bharti is having support near 319-320. Break of the range will take stock to its lower support between 308-303

Sell below 319 Tgt 315.6,310.8 and 308

Buy above 324 Tgt 329,333 and 337



IDBI bank has been forming a descending triangle with breakdown coming below 102 levels.

Stock has reacted from the downward trending trendline and close below 200 DMA.


Sell below 105 Tgt 103.7,102 and 99

Buy above 107 Tgt 109,110.4 and 111.4




DCB has delivered a good set of numbers,Stock sold off before results hit the market.Expect a pullback if the 47.9 is not broken.

Buy above 49.3 Tgt 49.75,50.7 and 51.85

Sell below 47 Tgt 46.3,45.5 and 43.6

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