Techncial Analysis:SBI,RIL and Oracle Financials

By | February 9, 2012 9:53 am

Forget about predicting and thumping your chest with pride when you are right. If you think you are smarter than the net total of all participants in the markets then good luck. Money is made by going with the flow of the market until the flow changes. Your job is to find ways to actually measure what is happening and use the market action as a guide to your own actions. You also have to carefully manage your risk so you can survive being wrong and still have capital to profit when you are right.


SBI taking support at its breakout trendline.Break of trendline will come at 2145-52 levels.

Sell below 2145 Tgt 2127 and 2109

Buy above 2171 Tgt 2195 and 2213


Reliance Industries

Breakout in RIL..

Buy above 867 Tgt 875 and 886

Sell below 852 Tgt 847,836 and 827



Oracle Financial


Inveeted HnS formation with breakout above 2207

Buy above 2207 TGt 2235,2250

Sell below 2172 Tgt 2155,2132

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