Technical Calls:RIL,SBIN and Onmobile

By | January 5, 2012 10:58 am

“The best traders don’t think about how many millions they need to make each year.  They focus on making the best trading decision they can with each trade they make. And if there isn’t a good trading opportunity right now, they have the discipline to do nothing and just wait. Concentrating on one trade at a time is their process”


RIL the market leader retested its breakdown level of 71-713 yesterday and day before yesterday low being 710 and 713.  Not breaking below breadown level means strong hands are buying and giving support.

Buy above 727 Tgt 737,744 and 758



On Mobile


On Mobile Global for 3 day has closed above 100 SMA,Facing resistance in range of 71-72.Crossover of which can bring short term moemtum back into stock

Buy above 71.3 TGt 73.7,76.2





SBI is buy only above 1714 range as trendline resistance and 20 SMA are at 1714 range.

Buy above 1715 Tgt 1733,1753 and 1787



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