Nifty and RIL Technicals before RIL Results on Saturday

By | October 14, 2011 8:09 am

Position sizing is the part of your trading system that tells you how many shares or contracts to take per trade.  Poor position sizing is the reason behind almost every instance of account blowouts.  Preservation of capital is the most important concept for those who want to stay in the trading game for the long haul.

Nifty Daily

On Daily charts Nifty is Trading in a Channel and yesterday closed on the near the bottom of the channel. Today Asian market looks week and Nifty will open falt to down by 10 points.

First and Most Important Support is 5057 NS,Trading below this will lead to puncture of upside momentum. 

Support will come at previous resistance at 5034 and 5016.

5136-5170 resistance is Wall of Resistance for Nifty. Nifty has been trading in the range 5170 on upside and 4720 on downside. It has bounced twice from the range of 4720 made double bottom and Fell from the top at5170 making double top.

We had a rally without correction from 4728 to 5136 ie. 408 points in 6 trading sessions which also involves 3 Gap Up opening whose gaps are still to be filled.

3 Gap up opening comes near an exhaustion gap. Hence if 5136 is not taken out today we can assume Short term top is in place and we can see a correction from now on.

Today Weekly Inflation Data will come at 12 PM IST.

Levels to Trade

Buy above 5094 Tgt 5120,5136,5148 and 5170

Sell below 5057 TGt 5034,5016 and 4997

Reliance Industries


RIL will be declaring its results tomorrow. Its an important Results which market players watch as Big Boy has the capability of making or breaking the Nifty coz of its 13% weightage on Nifty.

Yesterday I gave a BUY call@852 and 1 Tgt was 858 RIL made a High of 858 and Retreated closed back to 846.

858-860 is the crucial resistance zone for the Stock Above this range Stock has power to move up till 888-900 Levels in Short term.

Buy above 849 Tgt 858,864 and 871

Sell below 842 TGt 838,833 and 826


Tata Motors

Tata Motors is forming a rising Wedge pattern formation which is bearish and breakout point at 175.

Below 175 the pattern gets active

Sell below 175 Tgt 171.6,168 and 164

4 thoughts on “Nifty and RIL Technicals before RIL Results on Saturday

  1. Shriram

    Hi Brahmesh,

    Wot is ur opinion about Nifty Resistance & Support?

    We have Double Tops @ 5169-5168 & Double bottoms @ 4720 -4729


    1. Bramesh Post author

      Yes sir we are trading in the range of 5169-4720.

      Updated the same in Weekly technical analysis.



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