Nifty Levels to Trade after Sell off

By | September 22, 2011 8:27 pm

Bank Nifty

Magic of Trend lines:I have shared the same chart yesterday and see the action today. Bank Nifty low is at the trend line.

Trendlines are the best way to trade the market if you can follow them with discipline.

Break of 9489 tomorrow will lead to more correction in BN.

Zone till 9260 has multiple supports in Bank nifty,Break of same will lead to re test of lows of 8917 levels.

Sell below 9489 Tgt 9421,9390 and 9350

Buy above 9552 Tgt 9588,9623 and 9655



If one looks at Chart closely from past 16 trading sessions Nifty has just traded in a range bound trading from 4911-5169.

What has changed is the Sentiment of the market participants 🙂

From bearish to Bullish and Bullish to bearish.

Most important thing in trading is understanding the market trend Right now till 4900 is not broken on Closing basis we are in range bound trading range.

Technically Range Breakout trades given an excellent trading opputunities

5169-4911=258 Points

So if it breaks below 4900 we are in all Probability will be touching the recent low of 4720 and Technically levels comes to

4911-258=4653 levels (This is again a Probable level )


Time Frame and Intensity of fall . WE took 8 days to cover from 4900-5169 and in matter of 2 days we have retraced the whole fall and back to 4900 level.

Nifty Weekly

On Weekly Charts again Nifty took support at rising trendline and break of the same will lead to break of trading range and our calculated target of 4653 in coming 3 weeks.

If its sustained than we will again trade in the range 🙁 4911-5170


FII Sold 72K Contracts of NF by far this is the highest Sell in past 2 Months which includes Carnage in August. Rupee is one of the Reason for the such Big Sell. Expiry is 4 sessions away and any fall below 4900 will put pressure on Long unwinding which will lead to snowball effect …

Buy above4943 Tgt 4964,4984 and 5002

Sell below 4907 Tgt 4872,4839 and 4805


7 thoughts on “Nifty Levels to Trade after Sell off

  1. pratik

    sir according to me 2 mojar support for nifty was 4720 its low of last and latest support that broken by nifty was 4911 so 4720+4911=9631/2 so its appoxy 4815 and this is also good support plz give comment on this…

  2. pratik

    super level todays high is 4906.45 and sir ur level is 4907 so ur target of nifty achieved and also its near to yesterdays low i read in one book sometime in bear market the low of yesterday may became of any stock tommorows high….. that i saw in today’s market:):):):) thanks for give us this kind of guideline bramesh sirji……… thanks….


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