Bears Take Control Over Nifty– Levels to Trade

By | August 4, 2011 7:40 pm

Nifty Hourly

Nifty hourly chart above had support at 5320 as discussed in our previous posts also proved to be the support in today fall.

Stock bounce in morning and started coming down as soon as 5378 got taken out.

Indicators are oversold but trending market it really does not matter. An Indicator can remain oversold for prolonged period of time.


Nifty Daily

Nifty kept on making lower bottoms and lower high on daily chart after the break of trendline support. As discussed yesterday Nifty left a gap till 5434 which needs to be filled. Nifty today High was 5434 as gap got filled Nifty continued its downward journey.

Today the 5320 gap which we had discussed in our weekly analysis got filled and Nifty took support at that level and bounced Back.

Upside can be expected only if 5320 is not broken.


Nifty Fibo


Fibonacci levels are doing wonders as today’s low 5323 match the 23.6% retracement 5324. If 5320 gets taken out we will revisit the Lows of 5200 in matter of days.

On Upside Support becomes Resistance Theory will work and 5404 becomes the next resistance.


Nifty Weekly

Tomorrow is Weekly closing Nifty Broke the trendline today at 5404 closed at 5331. If this downtrend needs to be stopped we need to close above 5404 on Weekly basis.

If Broken than Bearish engulfing pattern which will have a bearish implication and we can break the 5177 low also.

Levels for Tommrow

Sell Below 5323 Tgt 5291,5276,5252

Buy above 5364 Tgt 5378,5404 and 5434

Trade with Trend and Stay Disciplined.

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