Real Time Data Feed to Amibroker for intraday futures data

By | July 30, 2010 2:38 pm

Hi All,

I found a small utility for Real Time Data Feed to Amibroker Supports Both Yahoo Finance and Google Finance.

You can find the alternative from Free Amibroker Data

RTDF is a light weight executable ( neither .Net nor Java) developed using C/C++.

  • The demo release is free with two months validity and without proxy capability.
  • The demo release uses only 4/5 user selected symbols.
  • The demo release supports both Yahoo and Google real time tick charting and also includes 15 days 1minute Google backfill for intra day future data,real time nse data,end of day quotes.
  • The demo release supports paper trading feature. Need to double click on B column for buy and S column for sell.


  • Download RTDF here
  • Install VS2008 runtime redistributable package if necessary. This can be downloaded from here
  • Unzip to some folder in C Drive.
  • Copy rtdfy2g.ini to C:\windows directory.


  1. Copy rtdfy2g.ini to C:\windows directory. This file contains the mapping of yahoo symbols to equivalent google symbols. I have added only 6 symbols. User need to add the required symbols.This file is required when RTDF uses yahoo finance data provider and uses google backfill.
  2. Open Amibroker with your existing database or with new database.
  3. Run RTDF.
  4. Enter yahoo login details by pressing “Settings” button
  5. Select either yahoo or google data provider.
  6. Press “Start” button.
  7. For back fill, press “BackFill” button and select the required data provider..
  8. If you not get any updates in AmiBroker, please download and install Microsoft Script Control. Here is the link . Then repeat steps 1 to 4.
  9. Enjoy trading with real time chart.

The licensed version has the following features…

Includes unlimited symbols and with proxy capability.
Reasonably priced.
Supports multiple instances.
Includes 5 minutes 5 days backfill capability.

For more details please email to

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