Trading Calls in ICSA,Super Spinning Mills,Reliance Communication,Gillette India

By | June 20, 2010 1:01 pm

Following Stocks are covered ICSA,Super Spinning Mills,Reliance Communication,Gillette India.Keep booking profits and as per your risk levels.

Super Spinning Mills

Super Spinning is forming an Inverted Head and Shoulder Pattern with Neckline placed at Rs 14.05.Stock is havig lot of trading Intrest Build up and can see higher levels if and only if 14.05 ie, Neckline Breakout Happens

Buy above 14.05 Tgt 14.9,15.5,16,16.4

Reliance Communication

Reliance Communication had a Dream run after a  reconciliation between the Ambani Brothers .Stock moved from levels of 130 to sub 200 Levels.Stock is an interesting conjunction and important point to note from past 3 days unable to cross its 200 DMA which is cause of concern for bulls, and a upper hand for bears.

If we take the Fibo Retracement for the Stock following levels should be achived in coming week

Sell Below 182 Tgt 179 175 171 and 166 SL of 196

ICSA Limited

ICSA is a trading range between 129 to 143 levels.Stock is facing trend line resistance at 143 levels.RSI is also showing some fatigue and we can stock seeing trading to lower end of the band.Two trades are possible

Sell below 135 Tgt 132 and 129

Long above 143 tgt 146 and 151

Gillette India

Gillette India weekly charts are presented above.We can see a formation of a hanging man which is having a Bearish implication.

RSI is also showing negative divergence which adds to fact that stock is going for a bear plunge till its 5 EMA on daily charts

Sell below 1700- 1712 Tgt 1685 1651 1616 and 1589 sl 1739

NB:Click on Charts to Enlarge and get a clear Picture.

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