Short Term Stock Picks

By | April 25, 2010 11:54 am

Hyderabad Industries:

Stock is in a trading range and Friday rose with volumes,Oscillators are showing Momentum play is in action

Buy above 653  Tgt 663 674 and 682 SL 616

JP Associate:

Stock closed above 200 DMA and broke above its trading range and volume action is fueeling its way towards higher indicator,As indicated in charts Ocialltors  are showing positive divergence,Stage is set for Strong rally.

Buy above 160 tgt Tgt 164 and 169 sl 149


Stock after showing a good breakout and made almost 7 percent move on the news of RBI did not Hike rates only 25 bps.Stock is now approaching its resistance zone of 2300 and is bound to correct for a while than we need to see price and volume action for taking furthur postions

Short @ 2300 Tgt 2270 2250 and 2216 SL 2338

Keep Booking Profit as Stock is in good Uptrend.

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    1. bramesh Post author

      Thats a conservative call on JP coz 150 is 200 MA so we need to keep sl on upside it can even see 175 levels but to be conservative i gave small tgts


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