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By | March 23, 2010 1:52 pm

Hi all,

Coming 1st April there will be a change in method of calculation of interest on your savings account as directed by The Reserve Bank of India.

Lets first understand how Banks Calculate Rates currently on your Saving Account

3.5 per cent per annum or 0.29 per cent per month on the minimum balance in savings account between the 10th of the month and the end of the month.

So we used to get interest on the minimum amount which remains in the bank account

After the announcement the Scenario Changes as Follow:

3.5 per cent per annum or 0.0095 per cent per day on the daily balance in your savings account.

Lets take a practical example to get a more clear picture

Deposit(Rs) Withdrawl(Rs)
1 May
5000 5000
2 May
30000 35000
3 May
4000 31000
5 May
4000 27000
10 May
12000 15000
13 May 2700 17700
18 May 4500 13200
25 May 5500 7700
30 May 7700

As Per current scenario you would get an interest of Rs 22.33 for May, that is 0.29 per cent on Rs 7,700 (the minimum balance in your account between the 10th and the 30th of April).

But After 1st April Interest earned will be Rs 48.82 for May. That is, 0.0095 per cent everyday on your balance of that day. 😎

Good News for people who Keep there money Ideal in Saving Account.

2 thoughts on “More Intrest on Savings Account

  1. karthik

    What is the rationale behind this kind of activities?
    1. ASBA facility for ipo and fpo
    2. Daily interest on savings account
    3. MF dividend – sebi control

    Gov regulatory becomes more people friendly…

    1. bramesh Post author

      1. Application Supported by Blocked Amount (ASBA),is facing a set back coz of brokers are dissuading the practice.
      2.Daily interest on savings account will help banks not to cheat the customer and customer get fair share of the money they have parked in bank.

      Government is doing all these initiative as there part of making India as an investment friendly destination.People should not feel they are cheated and our system should not have malpractices which have been going on for years.

      I am happy for india investors that the age long practices are coming to an end and we are moving towards an era of liberalization.


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