Calls for 10 September

By | September 9, 2008 1:54 pm

All calls Hit tgt again ORG was up by 20% Voila

buy 4300 put & 4500/4600 calls Follow hedging if one trade in option

Buying adviced in Nagar Construction once crossed 135

ONGC looks a good buy for trade if it breaks 1110

BHEL around 1732 and next at 1,749 level for a tgt of 1762+

SBIN support is at 1,564.5 and that 1556 buy around these levels. tgt 1580 and 1600

Reliance resitance is at 2173 and 2214 and support at 2103 so plan ur trade accordingly

Keep an eye on Usher Agro can reach rs 200 in short term

Sorry unable to attach chart due to some problem with Blogspot but if one need that Just ping me on

Keep trailing sl

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3 thoughts on “Calls for 10 September

  1. Amitbhai

    Today Nifty and BSE Sensex both filled their Gap and now market will move upside. Dow is up and Nikki will be up. so the Indian market by 140 point.

  2. Amitbhai

    in 60 minute chart there is Gap in BSE sensex so on 10th it will try to fill this gap.

    Sensex can go down to 200 to 250 points.


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