Why to take Trading Course?

What a trader requires to be Successful and Profitable ?

First, just as you should not trade based on a faulty idea, you should not use sand as a building material. Second, you need a solid trading plan as your trading – without it, you’ll slip into the sea, where 90% of traders reside.

First, you need to trade with a trading system and trading strategy. This means you need to  avoid all those hot tips,multi bagger ideas,jackpot calls , and ignore the so called experts  on blue channels. What you need to do is have a trading strategy that has been properly researched and tested. Then, you need the emotional power to trade the proven idea as is, without fail. Obviously, there are a lot to these two steps, but if you ignore them your trading house might as well be built of sand.

Second, a trading plan is essential to have a solid foundation, BEFORE you enter the markets with real money. What is involved in a trading plan? A good trading plan is written just like a business plan, since if you don’t treat trading as a business, you are destined to fail. So, all the sections that make up a good business plan (Mission, Products, Operation, Strategies, Disaster Plan, Financials, etc) should be in your trading plan. The more time you spend on this plan, the stronger your foundation will be.

Just as “castles made of sand, fall in the sea, eventually,” traders who ignore the fundamental ideas of

1) trading a sound concept

2) having a trading plan

will soon find themselves adrift in the “Sea of Losers.” Don’t let that be you.

As discussed above the ingredients for successful trading we teach them as a part of our trading courses and make traders comfortable in  learning how to trade using Intraday and Positional Trading Platforms and mastering trading psychology for Trading in Nifty and Stocks.

What you will learn after doing the course?

You will learn to trade in professional manner having proper entry,exit levels with Sl. Trade with proper risk management and position sizing. You will just need to follow the given set of rules of trading system. Following the system with proper discipline, you will see that the two most important enemies of stock market – fear and greed – will leave your mind for good.

In short, u will learn WHEN TO TRADE and WHEN NOT TO TRADE-and the latter is as important as the former because doing the trade at the wrong time can lead to big losses.

We Offer the Following Trading Course

  1. Workshop for Professional Stock Market Traders.
  2. Trade Using Chopad Levels
  3. W D Gann Trading Strategies
  4. Trading using Market Timing Strategies
  5. Learn Harmonic Trading
  6. Psychological and Performance Coaching
  7. Trading using Financial Astrology

For More Details Please mail @bhandaribrahmesh@gmail.com

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  1. Ravi

    Provide details of stocks market trading, investing, Option and future trading. with course fee and duration and process of attending the training.

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    As i am beginner, please share the course details and fees structure, so that we can enroll to the course ASAP.

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    Bramesh Sir, I would like to know the details of the courses and fee details. Awaiting for your reply..

  4. kamlesh

    I read your articles. I am interested in your workshop for professional traders and can you send me a course material on my email id kamlesh0081@yahoo.com. Can you give more details on logistics, costs and if it is available online for overseas subscribers.

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    Hello sir,…i am an absolute beginner who wants to learn stock market from scratch. Kindly advise the details of relevant course which you suggest at my email id – savitaic@yahoo.com

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    Myself A C Manjunath from Mysore. I retired from work recently and want to pursue trading vehemently. Can you please send me details regarding number of trading courses and cost of each to my mail address manjunath.arkalgud@gmail.com

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    Could you please send me the course and fee details? I am already in market since 3 years and fairly knows the basics. Want to go for advanced courses you provide.

  8. Keerthan

    Hi Bramesh, I started investing and trading markets since March this year. I know the basics of markets, trading, patterns, etc. Have done well with investing. I know how to pick intraday (I use breakout patterns and divergence signals) trades and trade only futures. However the only place I am lacking is controlling my discipline, fear, greed. After reading today’s articles posted in your blog, I would like to get help from a skilled person like you to control the above mentioned emotions. So I am looking for such a course. Could you guide me on the details please. I would also like to learn how to determine the TC levels. Thanks and waiting for your response.

  9. Dan

    Hello Bramesh,many people ask for the course details and fees so why dont you post that on the website so that everybody can just vew it without asking individual questions and posting their emails for the information.I also would like to know the details and fees for the basic and trend course.

  10. raghu iyengar

    Can you please send the course details for Workshop for Professional Traders and is it Classroom workshop or Online?

  11. Balakrishna

    Hi Ramesh,

    Could please send the complete TA from basics to advance course details and fee structure. Will it be training room classes or online classed. Need the location details.

  12. 9908184051

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    Please send me the course details. I am new trader, started trading from six months

  13. saravanan

    Sir i am a intra trader,but i like position calls,how i trade successful predict the nifty and bank nifty through ur course pls details send me ur fee

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    i am following your website past 30days onwards.
    i want to learn the technical analysis,
    please share the details course,fee structure & other details require ..
    i am new for stock trading (i strated 5months back ).

    1. Bramesh Post author

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    i am new for stock trading (i strated 10 months back ).

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    I am at Overseas. Kindly provide the training course details and cost to my mail id given above.

    Perumal T

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    bramesh ji attend your technical analysis course , i attend to anaother basic course by F.Technology mumbai. plz send me your program & fees

  18. charu mohan

    Hello Mr. Bramesh,
    It’s really great to see the depth of information with which you approach the NIFTY.

    I guess i need to learn how you do it.
    Could you please suggest how to take your workshops, are they available as online courses or are conducted in physical workshops.

    Please let me know.

    Many thanks,
    Charu Mohan.

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    Would like to know the courses offered and the associated costs. Also pls let me know the location as well.


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